I really need to get back on the wagon and be super strict with eating better. I have been staying within the parameters of gluten, dairy, and soy free, however I have been eating way to much stuff out of bags and boxes. I need to take the opportunity while it is still summer to eat fresh!!! Going shopping tomorrow.


Eating healthy can taste great, I promise.


I am creating this blog to help support my friends and family to live a more healthy lifestyles. Whether you have food sensitivities or not, eating lots of processed foods is going to make you sick. I have been gluten, dairy and soy free for over two years now and have cured many of my own ailments. Including but not limited to seasonal allergies. Not to mention loosing 30 lbs! I’m not gonna lie it wasn’t easy, it took time and dedication.

Now gluten free doesn’t nessisarily mean healthy. A lot of the new gluten free products that are on the market these days are high in fat to make the product hold together. However if you are thinking about going gluten free I would allow yourself to indulge in some of these products to bridge the gap to your new healthier lifestyle.
Gluten is glue. It sticks in your gut and causes inflammation. Even if you do not have a sensitivity to gluten it should not be eaten with every meal.